Caral June 4, 2015  

Here I am again after a few years of hiatus. During that time a lot of amazing things have happened (server upgrade, switch to fiber optic internet connection. I visited the oldest city in America during December 2014. The place is called Caral and is located in a valley in the desert north of Lima, Peru.

The site is known to be about 5,000 years old and by the way it looks it really justify its age. A lot of structures have been unearthed and it gives a glimpse on how life was back then.

A few things I found as the most enigmatic were in first place: a stone standing like a monolith. A discussion opened among the attendants to find the purpose of such enigmatic piece of technology.

On one side, we discussed about the position and shape of the stone, thinking it could be to measure time. On the other, that could be for a religious purpose, like a cross. Some shy commentary brought the option of a tool to contact beings from outer space.

Second, it was a small stone that looked oddly like the head of a dinosaur. Did not bother to touch but here I got some pics. I leave it up to you to decide the nature of this little jewel.





Constantin Gazer