1. What Random Drifts stands for?


With great questions comes great answers. Random Drift is a generic term used rather by scientist to define variations. Terms like Genetic Random Drifts are referred to the variations in DNA. Often, those variations explain the diversity of species, from very few variations as is the case among rodents, to large differences like an antelope and a whale. But our context is rather referring to dimensional variation. In other words, parallel dimensions that are similar to each other, but sometimes there are major differences. Random Drifts will examine the similarities and differences that may occur between two parallel worlds.


Random Drifts is a re imagination of our world. And extrapolates to a planet where life is different because the following events did not happen:

1st. The extincion of dinosaurs and a major portion of the fauna and flora up to 10,000 years ago due to probable reason like a meteorite colliding against earth and the disintegration of the moon according to Hans Hoerbiger's theory.

2nd. The discovery of America.

3rd. The industrial age leading to the information age.


  1. What Braneworld stands for and why is used widely in the story?


Another great question with another great answer. Brane is the conceptual term of a parallel dimension. A Braneworld is the best term that represents our purpose. The context of re imagination. Braneworld will not be Utopia, but rather, it will exercise our real goal which is discussing cause and effect.


  1. How all stories and people connect


Here is the reason: teleportation. The type used in the story is e-teleportation. The means of e-teleportation is through dimensions. Organic or inorganic matter teleports between dimensions. The aliens feel proud to be on top of the technology. Their attitude is similar to manís prides to have well structured speech or even to walk straight.


Unfortunately, common people were also capable to teleport. The aliens felt bitterness and damned man as a scientific scandal, in the same way as modern man would not like a chimpanzee to talk or quadrupeds walking on two legs.


The aliens, referred as Nephels, considered human teleportation highly threatening to the integrity of the universe and were determined to halt anyone who dares to teleport.


  1. How and why did aliens get involved in the story?


The Nephels, as the aliens are called, saw how humans discovered the forbidden knowledge of teleportation. The risk to disbalance the universe was too high and the Nephels believed they were the only ones with the intellectual blessing to teleport.


  1. In this film, how is that if people had flying machines, why they did not colonize the entire planet


The war effort was the driving force to develop flying machines. They were made for war and not for exploration.


  1. This story talks terms that I don't undertand. What is Quantum, Nano, Braneworld


I have preferred to focus rather on the story than educating people on concepts they should know by now, I have included a link in the resources page to educate all those who forgot to read their science books.


  1. What is true and what is fictional


There is a Forum to better discuss about what is fiction and fact.


  1. Why is the story so hard to understand


The story is not to entertain kids. You may want to consider reading Tolkien. It is complex enough to drive serious intellectual minds into a prodigal brainstorming. On the animation side, please donít expect to see manga, is not my style, however, there are always exceptions to the rules. The episodes portraying Asian people will be sarcastically manga.


The esthetics are rather inspired from Jack Kirby. They combine visually to the color rendering used by Richard Corben. Roger Dean and Salvador Dali influence the landscapes.


  1. When is the movie going to be finish


There is a link with News about the film, keep tuned.


  1. This movie stole from star wars or planet of the apes


As with any other science fiction movie, one story may inspire the next. The main inspiration is taken from Jack Kirbyís Fourth World, the precursor of Braneworld.


The film also takes inspiration from the animated sequences from Pink Floyd The Wall. There may be some similarities to Three Kings. Most aspects of perspective and black and white tonalities come from German expressionist films like "Nosferatu the Vampire" and "The cabinet of doctor Caligari". To streamline the work, limited animation like Space Angel and Marvel Superheroes is used. The props are inspired by Japanese Kaiju like Mighty Jack and the Ultraman Series. Overall, this is a tribute to Eiji Tsuburaya and Jack Kirby, two gurus of modern science fiction.


There are a lot of elements inspired directly from them, Mighty Jack and Atragon inspired Sentinel. Ultraman inspired the Nephels. Some elements from Jack Kirby graphic work were applied directly into the characters.


The animation is a combination of fluid motion type Disney and limited animation type Space Angel, including the lips over imposed. Other techniques may involve rotoscopy and compositing of 2D over 3D or the opposite.


The music was influenced by 70ís prog like Pink Floyd, Genesis, Klaus Schulze and the like.