December 16 2007

The first Release Candidate for Act I is available for download in mp4 format at There are a lot of things to improve yet, but the timeline is completed. Among other things, the dubbing has to be work out. Presently, we are using the voice engine. Streaming is not yet available.


November 15 2007

We are presently testing live a new web server, and that is causing our forum to don't work.

December 10 2006

The web site was down for nearly two weeks for a few reasons:

Reason one: All the systems were moved to another location and had to wait until the internet be moved also.

Reason two: The web server became corrupted after the move and had to be reinstalled, a new image with better updates was prepared and installed.

Our sincere apologizes.


September 10 2006

At last is in cyberspace. After months of testing and technical hurdles, the web site is live. The next project is a to bring dynamic content using flash.

June 1 2006

The first episode is on production stage. The script can be read on the story section. We are presently waiting for the DNS server to attach the name to our in house server.

May 15 2006

The film script was reviewed and corrected can be read on the story section. Migration to Random drift has begun. New videos has been posted on the video section.

March 15 2006

First Public Beta Release of the web site. A Flash version of the web site will be next. After months of revision, I upgraded the script from Alpha development to pre-production. The film finally got a name “Random Drifts”. That is the term derived from short term evolution. The story describes earth the way it should have evolved – according to my canon - and extrapolate it into a braneworld. The story talk also about the constant divergence to parallel dimensions.

March 13 2006

Acquisition of the domain and soon to be alive in cyberspace.