September 24 2009

Our web server was down for 2 months as a result of moving to a new location and we took the chance to transition also to a new and more powerful web server. To date, Act II is still in production state having been seriously delayed during the moving process.


January 15 2009

The new year starts with new year's resolutions and an upgraded web server and internal network. We have fixed most broken links. Act I is video streaming on the A/V Console. Act II is officially in production state.


December 10 2008

We are in the process to rebuild all broken links. Act I has been withheld all this time in order to clear all copyrights issues in regards to the music. We are presently using public domain scores from Dvorak, Stravinksy and Tchaikovsky.


July 01 2008

It is with great pleasure that we present to you a newly redesigned web site, courtesy of ispace, which kindly rendered every single page for your viewing pleasure. The past few months have been pretty busy as blender version 2.46 was released from Thanks to this version, it has been possible to create more sophisticated work using ipo curves. The high definition version of Act I is ready to be viewed from the a/v console. Please help yourself.


January 05 2008

We are presently at release candidate 4 in avi format, available at There are a few major fixes in the beginning of the movie. We are officialy working on Act 2.



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