May 04 2010

One more time, we have been recovering from disaster(our productions files became steam along with the file system and the partition table of the drive hosting them, opening the door for an exhaustive work of data recovery and re engineering our back up system), then, it happens that our web/file server could not do global updates of the software as it hungs everytime we were trying to do so. The only solution was to pull out the hard drive and connect it to a workstation. Initially, we tried to do the world updates (we run on gentoo). But a number of dependency conflicts delayed the update for two weeks (had to figure out how to circunvent the conflicts), and the last update was glibc which broke all the packages(glibc is the main library where all linux software depends upon), so, we had to rebuild the system again from scratch(another two weeks). But finally we are ready to go and working on Act III (we will never give up). Cheers.


February 08 2010

I have uploaded ActII after almost a year long. Hopefully, I will be able to streamly the rest of the work and amend ActI. I have received new crazy visions for ActI as well as the blessing of a software based teramin. Please access the A/V Console link->Act II to see the latest update.Tx.



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